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Co-Ed Schools

Co-ed schools are often considered superior because they provide a more rounded social experience. This is because the culture and society of today’s world is not segregated. This means that those who attend single can you pay someone to write an essay sex schools can occasionally find it difficult to integrate into mixed sex establishments and places of employment later in life.

Co-ed schools are thought to increase a pupil’s ability to communicate with their peers in a more varied and relaxed manner, something which can be seen as a huge advantage. Co-ed schools also help to make education writing papers for money more rounded and diverse by ensuring that there are a variety of opinions expressed by different pupils. This is because children of both sexes will often have very different opinions to one another. By teaching them in the same establishment, schools are ensuring that all pupils have the benefit of listening to a range of their peers.

Single Sex Schools

The argument for single sex schools is that they lessen distractions within the classroom and therefore increase the educational and academic achievements within the school. While it is certainly the case that single sex schools feature heavily within the school league tables – for comprehensive, grammar and independent schools – this is not to suggest that co-ed schools are not represented at all.

Single sex schools are often criticised for restricting the social growth and interaction of their pupils by limiting their contact with their peers to those of the same sex as themselves. This is often considered a drawback to single sex education because it means that children are potentially put at college homework help a disadvantage when it comes to public interaction. Single sex schools, whilst achieving good results, do not have a marked dominance over the school league tables. This means that many feel that they do not have adequate benefits to compensate for their disadvantages. Co-ed schools are therefore often considered to be the preferred choice as they offer academic and social growth/development.

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